Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Check our FAQ for common questions or if you’re curious about anything in particular. If you don’t find any information that answers your question, please feel free to contact us here.

What do I need to purchase ammo?

You will need a valid Guam Firearms License to purchase any type of ammo as required by Guam law.

Can I just buy a gun?

All firearm purchases on Guam require a valid Guam Firearms License. Firearm transfers also require a valid Guam Firearms License to receive firearms shipped from off-island FFL holders, gun-shops, private collectors, etc.

How do I get a Guam Firearms License?

Guam Firearms Licenses require application by interested individuals looking to purchase and legally own firearms on Guam. Applications may be picked up at the Guam Police Records & Identification office. The application for a non-concealed Guam Firearms License can be found here and for concealed licenses here.

Complete the Guam Firearms ID Application;

  • Must be a U.S. Citizen;
  • Certified Birth Certificate with a Photo ID Card; AND a Social Security Card; OR
  • A valid U.S. Passport; AND a Social Security Card; OR
  • A Naturalization Certificate AND a Social Security Card.

Provide a $47.00 Money Order or Cashier’s Check made payable to the “Superior Court of Guam”. This fee is for the FBI Background Check (and will be sent to Washington D.C. for Identification Records Check) and must be made in this form of payment ONLY (Money Order or Cashier’s Check)

Complete two (2) fingerprint cards AND must be filled out neatly and in BLACK INK ONLY. (Fingeringprinting cards may be picked up at Copy Express for $2.00 apiece) Fingerprint processing will be administered by the Guam Police Department Records and ID Section. There is a $34.00 fee for fingerprinting.

$43.00 Application fee due upon the arrival of approved FBI results.

NOTE: Certified documents are required to support any name changes such as a Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree, Adoption Decree, etc…

  • The wait time for results from the FBI is 10 working days.
  • Firearm Identifications cards are valid for 3 years.

NOTE: A fee of $43.00 will be assessed for copies of all firearm identification cards.

What do I do after I purchased/transferred my firearm?

You will need to register your firearm with the Guam Police Department Armory located here.

Present the Bill of Sale; AND your firearms ID; AND a safety inspection form issued by GPD Armory; AND payment of $49.00 (Cash or On-Island Check includes $9.00 Inspection Fee) per firearm

If your firearm was purchased off-island:

Present the Bill of Landing from your movers; OR Bill of Sale; OR Certificate of Ownership; OR Notarized documentation containing a description of firearm AND
Customs declaration form; AND
Your valid firearms ID; AND
A safety inspection form issued by GPD Armory;
Payment of $49.00 (Cash or On-Island Check includes $9.00 Inspection Fee) per firearm
NOTE: If you are a member of the U.S. Armed Services or Department of Defense civilian, an official certified copy of your transfer orders verifying ownership or a sworn affidavit certifying ownership from your command’s legal office may be used in lieu of a Certificate of Ownership or sales receipt.

If you are having a firearm transferred:

Present the original firearm registration; AND
Your valid firearms ID card; AND
A safety inspection form issued by GPD Armory; AND
Payment of $49.00 (Cash or On-Island Check includes $9.00 Inspection Fee) per firearm
Both parties must be present at the Armory Section to conduct the transfer
Transfer of firearm requires a current owner to indicate the transfer of the firearm to the new owner in the presence of authorized armory personnel.
NOTE: Upon completion of your firearm at the GPD Armory, DO NOT bring your firearms into the Records & ID section.

Please refer to the Guam Police Department website for more information here.